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Allergy, Cold & Flu, GoRun, Ski, Boat & Beach… These are all examples of the Lifestyle offerings. 


Leading the team to build a more unified ecosystem across all platforms, I created a template, in collaboration with a fellow UI designer, that was utilized for quick product creation. This was done to ensure we would not lose out on sponsorship opportunities. 


I also forged a new way for Watson to enhance the value of each offering. No, not a chatbot. This work started with the Allergy offering. The cognitive personalization concept was also used to gain sponsorships to increase revenue.

My role
  • Refine goals with OM team

  • Develop user discovery and research cadence

  • Build product suite ecosystem and templates (wireframes)

  • Collaborate with core product platform teams

  • Incorporate Watson into lifestyle product suite




Mobile Web

Desktop Web

Lifestyle offerings process

There's a lot more...

Lifestyle Offerings Purpose

Provide contextually relevant insights and data to help people get the most out of their activities, hobbies, and interests

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